Security & CCTv

The need of the hour is to ensure that the children are safe & feel safe at all times. Increasing incidents of negligence and crimes violating innocence of children have raised numerous doubts in the minds of the parents.

The school has excellent CCTV surveillance. There are 185 cameras all over the building, within and outside. It helps keeping a watch on all the staff members as well as intruders and offenders.

Besides CCTV there are trained security guards at all the entrance to take necessary steps at the right time & safeguard the children & school.

Medical Infirmary

It takes care of the first-aid requirements of the students under a qualified and experienced nurse. It has beds for sick students to rest until their parents pick them up.

Air Condition Classroom

The learning environment is just as important as the technology and other projects. A good working environment has a positive affect on pupil performance & behavior. The entire school has excellent air conditioning facility ensuring that students are not exposed to hot temperature and the teaching process is not hampered and the children are comfortable in their learning environment.

Digital Classroom

The educational sector has been revolutionized by digital classrooms. These classrooms are embedded with technologies which makes them very interactive.
Neerja Modi School offers the best digital classroom in the district. The students benefit tremendously and have changed their perspective towards studying. Learning has become fun and less of a burden. It keeps them engaged & focused.
Classrooms with interactive boards and projectors to support classroom teaching.

Multiple Libraries

The School has two well stocked libraries – one for Primary School, the other for Senior Secondary school.

The libraries have a soothing ambience which stimulates the child’s curiosity to gain knowledge. The libraries have an excellent stock of books by different authors on subjects ranging from English and Hindi literature, Science, Commerce, General Knowledge to encyclopedias (Britannica, Oxford), fact finders, yearbooks, journals and magazines. They are an answer to the child’s insatiable quest for knowledge.

Multi-Purpose Hall

The School has one air conditioned and well equipped multipurpose hall for outdoor functions/ activities.


It has a sports complex offering facilities like volley ball, skating, and courts for tennis, basketball and badminton and an indoor sports arena.

Outdoor sports

The school encourages the students to participate in various outdoor activities. Benefits derived through sports are numerous. Sports activities play a great role in personality development and has an impact on their educational growth & ability to learn. Besides, it keeps them healthy, makes them active, exposes them to real communication with the world and fresh air.

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