Parent’s Testimonial

I have walked down the hallways countless times, and have such a sense of pride and appreciation each time I do. NMS is a place to be challenged, and students learn and grow in so many ways. It’s a community where your child’s faith is nourished and surrounded by examples not spoken in words, but in actions. NMS focuses on so many important values like service, humility, kindness and courage. It’s a place my children have made great friends and memories and learned invaluable lessons that will stay with them forever. NMS is and always will be a blessing to our family!

Suresh Chand Jain

“Neerja Modi School always has great activities that continue to inspire children and their parents. My son loves having his great teachers that are nurturing and fun and at the same time encourage growth. He loves his friends and all the fun learning activities. Neerja Modi School is also a safe place for my child. I know that when I drop him off he’s going to have a great day and there is no worry on my part. I truly appreciate this!”

Laduram Saran

“As an educator and parent, I can tell you, my husband and I are so very pleased with Neerja Modi School methods of teaching. We are truly delighted with how our children are embraced, nurtured, and supported by the staff and teachers. Our children are excited to go to school and learn new things each day. The combination of the Neerja Modi School teaching methods and philosophy along with a great staff has allowed my children to excel both academically and personally.”

The Smith Family

“It was our first time enrolling our son in preschool so we were nervous at first but the teachers and the rest of the staff at Neerja Modi School are so incredible that they soon made us feel comfortable. Our son is excited every morning about going to school. He’s becoming more social and educated each day. We are very thankful to have discovered Neerja Modi School and its incredible staff. We highly recommend this school.”

Kalpesh Soni

“One thing I realized during my son’s senior year there, was how kind and responsible he had become …not only for himself, but for friends and family. The school works as a community to really develop responsibility, sensitivity, and resourcefulness in the students.”

PP Gehlot

” Neerja Modi School was the best year of my daughter’s educational life. She is different; she is better — more confident, cheerful and other-centered — than she was before.”

Rajan Vishal

My family was relocated from France and we were worried about Qasim’s education. It was a tough task to search a good school in Chittorgarh But we found Neerja Modi School. During admission, teachers ensure us that my child would adjust to new environment. They fulfilled their promise and now my child is fully adjusted. He performed good in academics and extra co-curricular activities. Thanks to NMS staff.

Dr Kiran Zaidi

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