Fee’s Rules / Refund Rules

The Below mentioned Refund Rules apply for all the students enrolled at Neerja Modi School,Chittorgarh.

Tuition Fee/Other Fee

  1. At Neerja Modi School,Chittorgarh We strictly follow policy of No Refunds under any circumstances.

  2. At the Time of Admission, Parents / Students are clearly explained all the rules regarding fees submission and no refund policy.

  3. Caution money if any deposited is refundable subjected to submission of annual course fee and no dues certificate. In case caution money paid is not claimed within three years after student leaves the school, right over the refund of this amount will stand relinquished.

  4. The above refund rules will also applicable to a student who is expelled from the school on the basis of disciplinary grounds.

  5. No reduction in fee is available for vacations or for broken periods.

  6. Pupils will not be allowed to sit for the terminal or final examinations unless all dues are up to date cleared.

Transportation / Bus Charges

  1. Transportation / Bus Charges are taken for 10 Months only, paid annually in maximum two installments.

  2. In Case Student Opts for two installment and decided to leave bus facility before paying second installment, in such case student will still have to pay IInd Installment as Bus Facility once subscribed, is for complete year and cannot be removed under any circumstances till the end of particular session / academic year.

  3. No Deduction will be made If the student withdraws/leave the transport facility before the commencement of classes.

  4. Transport fee will not be refunded if a student withdraws after commencement of classes.

  5. The school will run school buses in limited areas with limited stops. It will not be obligatory on the part of the school authorities to make new bus stops. It will be sole responsibility of the parent to escort the pupil to and from the respective bus stop.

  • Commencement of Classes: The date of commencement of classes is widely displayed on school’s notice boards, website or school mobile App. All Admitted students are required to regularly check website for updates. For All Classes, Start Date is normally 1st Wednesday of April Month.

  • For all delayed payments late fine can be charged from the schedule date of depositing the fee. (Displayed on all Notice boards)

  • Disclaimer: The School reserves its right to make any modification, alteration, addition or deletion of anything contained in the existing rules including the curriculum. The legal jurisdiction of the school shall be chittorgarh only.

In case of online payment, if any issue arises at school level, students need to request the management. School Management takes full care to solve such issues on priority depending upon the seriousness of the particular issue. School is not responsible for any money if it is engaged at the bank server and E service providing server due to any technical issue. This will be sorted out by the bank and its associate portal as per their norms. No Fee will be refunded if paid for the current semester if student cancel his/her admission due to any reason. Student have to click on an Accept/Agree for return and cancellation button before submitting their payment information.

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