Why Us?


The Neerja Modi School is an upcoming progressive school in the “Warriors City” of Chittorgarh, that offers child-centric education based on experiential learning. We are providing one of the best infrastructures for academics, sports and technology among all day schools in the region. Since establishment in 2017, we have built a reputation for educating students rather than schooling them by providing meaningful learning through active engagement in classrooms, laboratories and beyond.

Freedom, empowerment and continuous learning are the ethos of the NMS, Chittorgarh work culture. The school has constantly innovated with pedagogy.

At NMS, we believe that every child is unique and we nurture that uniqueness – through a stimulating environment that breeds curiosity, freedom and encouragement to pursue passion, practice of self-reflection to know where their sense of meaning and mastery comes from, and a plethora of opportunities leads to learning of skills and capacities to fulfill that dream and also to flourish in this constantly emerging interconnected world.

Constant innovations in the area of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) continue to equip students for the future, along with strengthened critical thinking, reading and communication skills through integrated standards for English Language and Arts.
The schools also use comprehensive rubrics for student observation and assessment on curricular and co-curricular areas, and produce detailed reports on over several learning outcomes for each grade, tracking, remediation and support for each child.

We aim at the attributes that our students should possess, and the practices and pedagogical tools provide us with the behaviours, actions, measures and structures that is a translation of intentions. The future we envision for each child is of her becoming a conscientious world citizen, a learner for life and a creative, connected and collaborative problem solver.

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