Well Designed Classrooms

  1. A classroom is a place where students spend a substantial amount of time learning various skills which are extremely necessary for them to achieve success in life. The positive classroom environment enhances the concept of learning.
  2. Neerja Modi School, Chittorgarh has well designed, safe classrooms that boosts the learning process as the physical nature of the classroom is an important aspect that affects the student’s learning and morale.
  3. The spacious, air conditioned classrooms having a variety of settings are clean, well ventilated with big windows allowing natural light to shine through. The colourful walls feature the various art works of the students giving them a sense of pride and belonging. The keywords, concepts and word wall enhance their learning skills. Colourful age appropriate furniture makes the class a happy and exciting place to be in. The cosy reading area and comfortable play corner gives ample opportunities to utilise their time fruitfully.
  4. Good classroom ambience promotes and facilitates the individual’s discovery and creates a strong bond with the teachers and among themselves.
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