School Profile


We will empower students to face and excel within the ever-changing complexities of the modern world. We shall approach the education of our students through the lens of holistic development–realizing academic excellence and creating responsible citizens who embrace diversity, change, and life-long learning. We aspire to have qualified and exceptional teachers who are passionate about imparting knowledge and nurturing independent, innovative and creative thinking. We will build a community that is dynamic, multi-cultural and sustainable.


Our mission is to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow, today; to enrich each student’s academic and personal development whilst upholding values of integrity; to deepen each student’s understanding of the complexities of the world; to nurture each student to reach his or her potential.

Annual Report 2020

With a vision of giving world class education and imbibing qualities in each child to become leaders of tomorrow, we laid the foundation stone of our school in 2017 and very proudly announce that as a school, we have been successful in making a place for our self across the Mewar region.

As Swami Vivekananda rightly said “ARISE, AWAKE and not stop till the goal is achieved”. Working with the same ideologies, our students have made their motto as “Strive To Surpass

Starting with the 2nd Special Day on the theme “Fairy Tales”, in January where we invited the children of the city to the Kingdom of  Dreams. They made their own castles, flew on the carpets of Aladdin and drove the chariot of Cinderalla.

We believe in not only educating our students but raising the standards of education throughout the district of Chittorgarh and hence we invited scientists of Indian Space Research Organization in which almost 4000 students throughout the district visited the school and gained the knowledge about Space Exploration and the technicalities involved in it. Hope to have great astronauts and scientists from Chittorgarh too.

Not just academics, but hobbies and sports are also our major concerns.  Exclusively, we started with evening sports in collaboration with Eklavya Sports Academy, open for all age groups from 3 years onwards.

With the great pride, I announce that this year in Under 14 district tournaments, we not only participated but marked our commendable presence in it. We participated in Basketball (Girls), Cricket, Athletics, Badminton and Judo. Not only we participated but Bhavesh Tailor of Grade 6 won the District Inter school Judo Championship and was selected to fight at the Inter District level. Also, our students Priyanshi Sharma Grade 5, Arpit Sharma Grade 4, Dev Asnani Grade 4 were given special appreciation letters and were selected in first 20 players of the District.

We had invited foreign educators in arts and sports so that students can interact with those people and get to know about the education, culture and traditions throughout the world.

Our Grade 6 students went to Jaipur and participated in an International Speaker event TEDx and interacted with various speakers. With the process of activity based learning, children have gained learner’s profile and have built the positive attitude which is enough to make them global citizens. So, instead of teaching : a learning ambience is created in the class and in the school so that the child gets inquisitive and explores.

Our Pre Primary Classes visited organic farms, fire station, post office, etc  and the teachers plan well in advance so that the child gets the first hand information and experience. Our children work freely in the classrooms like messy plays with colors, sand, clay and water ; non gas cooking activities, etc  Here they get the confidence to learn, the freedom to fail, here they can discover what really matters to them and realize their potential for the upcoming centuries.

Providing a safe and secure environment, we have installed around 85 cameras, GPS tracking system in buses and caring, vigilant bus attendants and general staff which takes care of the students in every corner of the school premises.

Our curriculum is basically a very regressive course that fosters a kind of interdependence with interdisciplinary style of thinking and inquisitiveness to create leaders. Academics being a prime interest to us we ensure that our students are provided with the best facilities to equip them for a successful life in the years ahead. Consequently, we are offering them with various activities like Maths fair, Spell bee, recitations, competitions, extempore, story writing, thereby to explore their own imaginary world and providing them a platform to do so. We are ahead in technology as all are classrooms are made tech friendly and teachers are trained from time to time in ICT to impart lessons effectively.

As a part of club programs, we showcase various hobbies like cookery, art & craft, creative writing and dance. Students of Neerja Modi School are encouraged to follow their passion. NMS, Chittaurgarh believes the students should not be taught through books only but they should be given freedom and opportunity to venture freely in nature. Only then they will be able to think and this ability will be the real mark of education.

Our prime interest lies in grooming the students to achieve excellence in the competitive world. Our continuous evaluations cover all aspects for a student’s all round development. We also believe in nurturing the Indian traditions with the blend of modern values which are done with the moral lectures and teaching them yoga with various shlokas, celebrating festivals, etc.

To enrich the skills of faculty members, to make them cope up with the latest advancements, we train the teachers. Various trainings like Read Aloud Sessions, Book Review Writing, How to Tell a Story, Team Building, Classroom Management were organized in past few months for them. Also, they are sent to NMS Jaipur from time to time to learn and implement those strategies in their classrooms.

We have started with the Secondary classes and a healthy food zone in our campus. We are also in process of tieing up with various well known national academics for dance, music and sports.

Lastly, a special wish for our students, “Be wise in choosing the right path, enjoy your school years, learn all is there to learn and absorb the values which your parents and teachers want you to carry forward.”The Most importantly, I want to thank all the parents for trusting us and extending their warm support to make our our journey a memorable one.

I have always believed that every child is special with unique talent. As rightly said, your children are not yours; they are the sons & daughters of lives belonging to themselves. They come through you but not from you and though they are with you yet they don’t belong to you.

You may give them your love but not your thoughts. For they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodies but not their souls. So let’s give them the sky to fly and wings to reach the zenith of success.

Students Strength

Preprimary -53

Primary- 257

Middle- 90

Secondary- 6