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The Indian education system has made significant progress in recent years. There has been an unprecedented focus on the expansion of education and significant improvement in the quality of education imparted.

The purpose of school education is to guide the children to discover themselves by identifying and nurturing their potential to the full extent. This is done through:-

  1. Intellectual development by laying stress on logical thinking, rational attitude and analytical thinking enabling growth of balanced personality.
  2. Helps in self-realization, self-knowing, self-understanding and self-exploration so as to maximize positive aspects of their personality.
  3. Helps in mental and physical development.
  4. Value and importance of work and character is gained.
  5. Knowledge and skills are developed which are essential for maintaining life, economic and social prosperity

Through education an individual is empowered to succeed in the future which can be in terms of monetary or respect at work. Therefore it is the responsibility of the educationist to connect the classroom learning to real life experiences. The education system should strive to include personality development lessons, moral and ethical thinking. This will enable the children to grow up as sensible, sensitive and responsible citizens of the country.

Childhood is the time to explore new things and nurture things around them. But in the current scenario, the child is pressurised and overburdened with examinations and competitions and has no time for recreational activities.

Introduction to innovative learning is required to reduce the pressure and burden on the children. The need of the hour is that children happily go to school to learn new things and enjoy their childhood. So we strive to develop a passion for learning.


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