Indoor Play Area

  1. The preschool’s specifically designed play area is situated in an interior environment. This safe play area contains modern recreational equipments such as see-saws, tunnel and hooplas, slides and climbers, sand box, trampoline, balancing beams and mini gym. These equipments help children develop physical coordination, strength and flexibility. It also furnishes them with social and emotional development along with tremendous fun and recreation. These stimulating, exciting equipment keeps children happy and engaged in various thrilling challenges.
  2. The social skills which are acquired in a play area often get imbibed as life- long skills. Playing keeps them active, healthy and also kindles the mind and encourages creative and intellectual aptitude. The children improve their motor skills, balance and coordination; they learn to share, communicate and collaborate with each other. They even learn to compromise and take turns, become independent and appreciate the positive qualities of others.
  3. Indoor play areas are also a good alternative for a very hot day or for a rainy day. It is a place which provides a break from sitting in a classroom and refreshes their minds for further learning..
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