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Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting is the sustainable process that helps in preserving rain water for different purposes and for the future needs as well. It is a method of collecting and storing rain water to be used for various purposes while it can be used in future.

Being the educational institutes we teach our kids to “Save Water” but there is a saying that” DO what you preach”.

To set an example Neerja Modi School, Chittorgarh has one of the biggest Rain Water Harvesting Plant in any school of Chittorgarh city which can carry approx 60000L of water with 8 bores

  • With this initiative we are giving our contribution in maintaining the ground water level and improving its quality.
  • Raised water levels further prevent well, tube wells, etc to dry up.
  • This water can also be used further during dry spells or scarcity of fresh water after processing it.
  • Our initiative helps us to encourage environmentally responsible attitude in the next generation who are not only our future but also are future of this Planet.

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