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Neerja Modi school, Chittorgarh (NMSC) is one of the schools were we have a lot of extracurricular activities other than academics as it is required for overall development of the child. Here art, craft, dance, music, yoga and sports are given as much importance as academics. We believe skill development is absolutely essential to prepare students for life.

Sports & Games

“Champions keep playing until they get it right.” – Billie Jean King
Games and sports play a pivotal role in student’s life. In NMSC we provide training in various outdoor and indoor games. It has a spacious playground for outdoor games like cricket, volley ball and specific courts for basketball, badminton and tennis. There is also a spacious skating zone for students. Indoor games include chess, carroms, snookers, fuss ball and table tennis. These games help the students to build a sense of team spirit and cooperation and it also helps them in maintaining their body physique. Here students are provided with the facility of evening sports also at a very nominal rate.

The main objectives are:

  1. To develop knowledge and understanding of healthy living exercise and relaxation.
  2. To create awareness of the necessity to develop good posture and physique.
  3. To create opportunities to develop social skills, sportsmanship etc.
  4. To understand the skills that will be useful as leisure time activities.

Literary Activity

NMSC provides platform for students to communicate confidently and clearly. Here we motivate students to express their ides and inner thoughts with confidence. To inculcate literary skills we have subject enrichment activities like elocutions, debates, storytelling, extempore, recitations, quizzes and creative writing competitions. The focus is on four language skills i.e. listening, speaking reading and writing. This enhances the student’s talents and capabilities and also helps them to develop team spirit.


As we all know meditation and yoga brings positive vibes among the students and if they do it regularly it will help in bringing positive outcomes. Yoga is a compulsory activity at NMSC and it is practiced at regular basis by both primary and pre primary students. Professional yoga trainer at NMSC help the students in practicing various yogasanas like Savasana, bhujangasana, balasana, vajrasana etc. The main objectives are:

  1. To enable the students to have good health.:
  2. To integrate moral values.
  3. To practice mental hygiene.
  4. To possess emotional stability.

Leadership Training (For Teachers)

NMSC also provides leadership trainings to teachers so that they have confidence and self belief to make a real difference in the organisation. These trainings help them to stretch their comfort zones into new and challenging territory. Language lab set up is provided for teachers and students to improve their pronunciation and public speaking skills.


Music also plays a pivotal role in the life of students. It helps the body and mind to work together. NMSC exposes students to music during early development to help them to learn sounds and meanings of words. Music help them to strengthen their memory skills. Here musical experts provide vocal and instrumental training to students from grade I onwards.

Here students are trained to play synthesizer, tabla, bongo, congo, guitar, violin, flute, sitar etc. Different rooms are allocated for each instrument and training is provided to students on regular basis according to their interests.

Visual Arts

Visual arts also play a very important role in student’s life. Visual thinking helps the students to learn other subjects and alos develop observational skills. In NMSC visual arts includes-drawing, painting, pottery, clay art etc. Visual education here is based on the understanding that art is for everyone not just for the talented few. Visual art education helps the students to trust their ability and to gather information and to believe in their abilities. Several interclass and interschool art competitions are also organised by NMSC.


Extracurricular activities form an integral part of Neerja Modi School. To extend it further several club activities are also conducted under the guidance of able and enthusiastic teachers on Saturdays of every month. These clubs serve as a platform for students to prove themselves in various fields and help students to gain invaluable leadership, social and personal skills. Participation in clubs is made compulsory for all students.
Clubs for grade I and II are as follows:

LIFE SKILL CLUB– In this club student is encouraged to learn the importance of personal hygiene, etiquettes, helping others and at home, public speaking, telephone manners, road safety, first aid, problem solving, self defense and saving money.

CREATIVE CLUB– In this club student is encouraged to show their creativity by exploring various art and craft forms, experimenting with different techniques.

COOKERY CLUB(non-gas cooking)- The aim of this club is to create an interest for cooking and awareness about seasonal food, healthy food, food safety and plating.

LITERARY CLUB– The primary aim of this club is to create an interest among children for reading and writing. The activities of this club include reading short stories, discussions on themes, plot and characterization and also encouraging them to write short stories and poems.

SPEECH AND DEBATE– The main aim of this club is to inspire students to present their view points. Activities of this club include short speech, debates, elocution, recitation, storytelling etc.

SCIENCE AND MATH CLUB– the main aim of this club is to encourage children to expand their knowledge and develop greater interest in these areas with fun-filled and skill-based activities.

From Grade III onwards few more clubs are added to the curriculum. They are as follows:
– As the name suggests it encourages the children to read short stories of different authors and to inculcate good reading habits.

COMMUNITY CLUB– To pan and celebrate birthdays of underprivileged children, cleanliness and literacy drives, social awareness.

ECO AWARENESS– To sensitize students towards plantation drive programs, making best out of waste, community clean ups, campus recycling programs etc.

VOCAL MUSIC CLUB– To make children aware of classical and contemporary forms of vocal music.

DANCE CLUB-To make children aware of various dance forms, focusing on intricacies like expressions, rhythm, posture etc.

TECHNOLOGY CLUB-To develop technical skills and computer applications.

SCOUTS AND GUIDE– Scouting provides a well-rounded program were children earn badges, play games, camp, complete service projects and learn new skills.

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